Orange Cassidy Recalls Confused Fan Reactions Before Signing With AEW

AEW star Orange Cassidy recently took the time to speak with Lehigh Valley Live about the highs and lows he's experienced in AEW, and the fans' feedback on his character. Cassidy explained that when it came to his in-ring style, he is following his gut whether the fans like it or not.

"I never expected anything. I just did what I felt was the thing to do," Cassidy said. "If they liked it, they liked it; if they didn't, they didn't."

Some people online have been critical in the past about Cassidy's "slacker" gimmick, but the AEW star has the perfect remedy for the negativity they try to throw his way.

"I don't read it," Cassidy said. "Problem solved."

Regardless of what people may say on social media, Cassidy has had some standout performances during his time in AEW, including his debut for the company against PAC atĀ RevolutionĀ 2019. He was also in a fast-paced, triple threat world title match against Kenny Omega and PAC at Double or Nothing earlier this year. Although he didn't come out as the AEW World Champion in that bout, the crowd was audibly reacting to each false finish near the conclusion.

Cassidy admits that his unconventional style created challenges for him on the indie circuit, as well. He recalled times where people in the crowd would be perplexed with his performance and express their confusion out loud. But even still, he kept applying his creative approach to the character.

"Doing what I want to do and wrestling the way I want to wrestle, it was tough. Every single time I would step foot in a wrestling ring, someone would audibly say in the crowd, 'What is happening?' That happened a lot," Orange Cassidy said. "I knew people watching me were feeling something, so I just kept doing that. I haven't changed since."