As a guest on Dynamite Download, Pres10 Vance spoke about his relationship with Cody Rhodes and the members of the Nightmare Family. The Dark Order member said he’s known QT Marshall for six years, and spoke about his relationship with Marshall and others he met at the Monster Factory in New Jersey. The 29-year-old wrestled Marshall on this past week’s episode of AEW Dark: Elevation, the same show Bryan Danielson made his first appearance on.

“I started at the Monster Factory in New Jersey in 2015 and [QT Marshall] was one of the assistant coaches there, and that’s where I met him,” Vance said. “He’s been my coach since the very first time I ever stepped in the ring, QT was there. So, I’ve known him forever. I’ve never seen someone be able to break down wrestling like he does and explain it to these kids who have never been in a ring before. He is a wealth of knowledge, and me and him have very similar personalities. He’s a cool dude, he’s one of my best friends. He was a coach. Damien Priest, who’s now with WWE, Matt Riddle was there when I was there, Nick Comoroto was there when I was there, so we had a pretty talented crop of guys all in one place.”

Vance also spoke about his time working with Cody at the Nightmare Factory, training young wrestlers. The 29-year-old mentioned how much he enjoys coaching, but how tough it’s been to coach while AEW is on the road.

“Cody does these 12 week camps with kids so I always help with those. I was very involved in the first two because it was during the pandemic, so we weren’t on the road. We were in Jacksonville every week,” Vance said. “Now that we’re back on the road full time, it’s hard to be there all the time. I like it. I love coaching, but also, when I’m home, I have to try and get everything done before I go back on the road.”

As a member of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament, Vance lost in the semi-finals against Jon Moxley. Dark Order’s 10 spoke about the dream matches he’d love to have in AEW, and named a former United States Champion in WWE as the person atop his list.

“Miro is my dream match in AEW,” Vance said. “It was more so when he had the TNT title, so I wanted that match, but I still want to wrestle him. He’s my dream match in AEW. I also really want to wrestle [Shawn] Spears, just for the 10 chants. That’s the only reason. Then as far as people I’ve already been in the ring with, Darby is phenomenal to wrestle. I can’t say a bad thing about him.”

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