R-Truth Claims To Have Unreleased Song With Huge WWE Star

Ron Killings, a.k.a. WWE Superstar R-Truth, was on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Killings is currently in a back-and-forth pursuit for the 24/7 Championship, but 10 years ago, Killings was feuding with John Cena for the WWE Championship. Killings talked about what R-Truth's title match against Cena at Capitol Punishment means to him now.


"That was a notch on my belt," Killings stated. "That was one of those moments in history when people ask me, 'Give me one of those moments,' that was one of them. John Cena, Capital Punishment, I headlined that pay-per-view. I came dressed in a Confederate outfit (Killings laughs out loud)."

Before Killings was in WWE, he had released a diss rap on John Cena, who was working his rapper gimmick at the time. He revealed whether or not there was tension between them, and if he and Cena have ever collaborated with their similar music interests.

"We've always been on good terms," Killings noted. "I'll tell you something that nobody even knows, maybe some people know this, at one time it was gonna be me MVP and John on a song together, and actually, John came to my house. I think I still have it in my studio. John came to my house, and we recorded a song together and we was going to drop a song together. Yeah, I still have it up there. We just never done anything with it. I don't know. We just never done nothing with it. I do have the song with John upstairs, but I have enough music for three albums right now."


Killings has revealed in the past that the tensions with Cena were always overexaggerated and has blamed Konnan for stirring up drama between them. Killings also spoke on the accomplishments in his career and what he attributes that to.

"My motto man is 'anything you want to do.' The universe is so giving to me, and it's so relatable to me that I don't think there's nothing I can't do," Killings said. "Just being creative whether it's a serious role, whether it's making everybody love Little Jimmy or whether it be entertaining with the 24/7, getting written up in the Forbes magazine because of it. To me that's iconic. Forbes magazine is not a sports magazine. It speaks volumes."

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