R-Truth On Who Are The Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant Of WWE

R-Truth has seen many talented performers come and go during the decade-plus he's been in WWE. But some wrestlers stand above the rest in his mind. Truth was recently asked which WWE stars he'd compare to some of the greatest players in NBA history.


"I'd say The Rock would be Michael Jordan. Roman Reigns would be Kobe, and Randy Orton would be LeBron James," R-Truth told Bally Sports' Brandon Robinson. "Randy's bad ass. Randy can go! And I named those guys Randy and Roman because those are guys that I find myself – I'll sit at the monitor and I watch them because there's a technique to wrestling. It's like an art. It's like painting and it's like a dance and wrestlers have that.

"Randy and Roman... they can tell a story that can compel you and draw you in and Roman and Randy can do that," R-Truth continued. "It's certain wrestlers that can do that and wrestling has so many different levels to it man... you can call me the Elvis Presley of this joint, you know what I'm sayin'? These guys are like maestros at it. Randy Orton and Roman Reigns; watching them is like watching a painting being painted by Norman Rockwell."


Randy Orton reached a career milestone over the weekend when he set a new record for the most pay-per-view matches in WWE history when he competed at Survivor Series on Sunday. Also, Orton's match on Monday Night RAW last night made him the wrestler with the most matches in the history of that show.

Roman Reigns is the current WWE Universal Champion. He defeated WWE Champion Big E in the main event of Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view. Reigns has held the title for more than 450 days.

WWE celebrated the 25th anniversary of The Rock's debut in the company at Survivor Series. His last match in WWE was at WrestleMania 32 in 2016.