Riddle Reveals Vince McMahon Banned Randy Orton From Riding Camel At WWE Crown Jewel

Riddle has revealed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon banned his R-K-Bro teammate Randy Orton from riding a camel during last month's Crown Jewel pay-per-view.

According to Riddle, Orton "wanted to ride a camel" but McMahon was against the idea as he felt such a move would contradict The Viper's serious character.

"You know who wasn't happy because they didn't get to ride a camel? Randy," Riddle told Metro. "Randy wanted to ride a camel and Vince wouldn't let him. He goes, 'Randy, that's not your character, riding a camel.' He's like, 'What does that mean man?! My character doesn't ride a camel?!'

"I'm like, 'Randy, I'm sorry bro, sometimes you're just not the dude that rides camels.'"

The Original Bro, however, did ride to the ring on a camel ahead of R-K-Bro's title defense against AJ Styles & Omos.

"The camel was a good time! I highly recommend, if you haven't ridden a camel, get yourself a camel, get yourself the opportunity to ride one," Riddle said. "Especially if you get the opportunity to ride one in Saudi, embrace the culture there and everything else – and the fans loved it. I'll be honest – I loved it."

When asked who came up with the idea for his unique entrance, Riddle responded: "I have no idea who pitched it. All I know is that the morning of the show, seven o'clock in the morning, I was jetlagged so I didn't get any sleep that night and I was still awake.

"I get a call and they're like, 'We need you at the show early to rehearse and stuff.' I'm like, 'Rehearse what?' They go, Rehearse riding a camel.' I was like, 'A real camel?' They're like, 'Yeah!' So, that's what happened – it was great, I enjoyed it. The camel was great too."

R-K-Bro will face SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos this Sunday at the Survivor Series pay-per-view.