Rob Van Dam “Felt Horrible” About Triple H Incident At WWE Survivor Series 2002

The latest episode of WWE Network / Peacock show Ruthless Aggression tells the story of the first-ever Elimination Chamber Match at WWE Survivor Series 2002. The six-man battle featured a memorable spot where WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam hit a Five-Star Frog Splash on Triple H from the top of a pod.

Reflecting on the spot, RVD recounted how the top of the old Elimination Chamber pods did not have springs like the top rope. As a result, he misjudged his landing and accidentally caught The Game in the neck with his shin.

"It was not an easy calculation, and I was off," RVD recalled. "I think I overshot a little bit and, as I was coming down, my shin came right across his throat. I felt horrible about it, but of course he continued the match to the point where I don't remember even knowing that he was hurt, at least not that bad."

Meanwhile, Triple H gave insight into his thought process when he saw RVD preparing to jump from atop the pod.

"As I was laying there and I saw him go to the top of the pod, I was thinking, 'Oh s***, he can't stand up straight,'" Triple H recalled (H/T SK Wrestling). "I'm looking and I'm thinking, 'That looks really awkward. I don't know if he can jump from there.' It was just going tragically in the wrong direction, like I'd walk over to somebody and they'd hit me, and as soon as I'd take a bump, I can't breathe again. It would all just inflame back up."

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels went onto win the match to capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Besides Rob Van Dam and Triple H, Booker T, Chris Jericho and Kane were also a part of the match.

A few weeks later on RAW, Triple H defeated RVD to earn a title shot against Michaels at Armageddon. Triple H would beat Michaels in a Three Stages of Hell match to regain his title.

It should be noted that WWE redesigned the Elimination Chamber structure in 2017. The new design is taller, allowing Superstars more room to move around on top of the pods. You can click here to watch the latest episode of Ruthless Aggression.