Roman Reigns Says He Will “Definitely” Be Facing The Rock If He Returns

Roman Reigns recently spoke with Keyshawn, JWill & Max where he addressed the rumors of him facing The Rock. A match between them has been speculated about a lot lately due to The Rock's Survivor Series anniversary. While he didn't say the bout will happen, Roman made it clear that it could.

"I don't think I necessarily have to say much," Reigns said. "I think that body of work and that competitive nature that we all have within WWE or anybody who has ever stepped foot in a WWE ring, it's just a battle to be on top of the mountain. It's the ultimate alpha male showcasing who is going to be the big shark in the tank. I think with everything that I've done, with where I've pushed this persona, and the character work, and my claim, my rightful claim at the head of this table. Us being very close and like family, I don't think there's any other choice. If he ever wanted to get back into a WWE ring, I am definitely the guy he's going to want to be facing off against."

Roman Reigns also spoke about one of his biggest rivals, Brock Lesnar. He discussed the raw strength and power that the Beast has.

"From just a purely athletic standpoint, the way I just talked about Big E and that bench-press and that type of strength, that's how Brock is with humans. Sometimes you'll have those workout warriors," Roman said. "Those guys who are super strong in the weight room but when they get on the field, it does not translate. They can move a barbell but they can't move humans.

"Brock Lesnar is like a professional human mover," he claimed. "The guy can throw just about everybody out the club, it's ridiculous. I've heard stories from all the way back when he was in his first run with the WWE before he went to the UFC. He was throwing around the Big Show and the Big Show is a 500-pound giant. I mean, completely throwing him on his head at will. Brock has to be one of the more impressive athletes I've ever been around."

Away from the ring, Roman Reigns always likes to connect with the fans. That has led to him receiving the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award from Make-A-Wish this year. However, he admitted it is simply a reward to just meet them.

"The Chris Greicius Celebrity Award with Make-A-Wish is probably the coolest accolade I've ever achieved," Reigns stated. "It's weird to even call it an accolade or an award because it's an award just to meet these little heroes and these little warriors. It's strange because to have that type of impact on somebody is such a great opportunity, it's such a blessing. But really, I think they make the most impact on us. We're lucky enough to be in a position for someone to want to meet us and have that effect and change their day and brighten up their day.

"But I really feel like they have the biggest impact on someone like myself," he admitted. "Someone who is portraying a hero or someone who is portrayed as a superstar on TV, to really be able to go out in real life and meet people who are going through that adversity, who have to climb that hill every single day. They're so young too. When you're dealing with Make-A-Wish and you're getting the opportunity to meet these children, they're not adults who have lived some life. These children have faced this adversity at such a young age. To be so resilient, and to be so thick-skinned, and so emotionally tough to be able to go through this, it's incredible to be able to meet them. It's just a pleasure and an honor."

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