Ruby Soho On Rolling With “The Big Dogs” In AEW

Recently signed AEW star Ruby Soho took some time away from the squared circle to speak with Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture. During the discussion, Ruby expressed just how excited she was to main event AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam by competing against Britt Baker for the AEW Women's Title.

"It meant so much more than just a really big match, or even a title match. It meant to me that AEW trusted me, and that to me means the world because I want to be able to grab the ball and for them to never see it again. I want to be able to be part of these milestones, to be a part of these things," she explained. "On a show that has Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega in it, and for us to be the main event was huge to me. I still have a hard time being on the same flyers as them, seeing like CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Kenny Omega and then there's me. It's still mind blowing to me. I still can't wrap my head around it. But it was an honor, honestly, this was a historical AEW Dynamite... I felt spoiled, I felt honored, I felt pressure, I felt all of these things. So the fact that I was trusted enough to be in that position meant the world to me, and I really felt in that moment that I had to deliver.

"I needed to prove to myself that I could still do it, that this is where I belonged and this where I am supposed to be," Ruby added. "And it was a lot of proving to myself and proving to [the fans] that this is why you're happy to see me and to Tony 'this is why you allowed me to part of this historical Dynamite.' So, It was a lot of proving."

Although she didn't emerge victorious in the match against Baker, Ruby has major praise for the D.M.D. As someone that Ruby has competed against on the indies, Britt Baker has steadily progressed since their last match against one another.

"Britt has continuously impressed me, over the last few years, just watching her. I knew her when she first broke in on the independents when she was just bright-eyed-bushy-tailed-ready-to-learn-everything and super new to the game," she explained. Seeing her growth over the last few years has been incredibly impressive, but stepping into the ring with her and going toe-to-toe on the mic with her is a completely different story. I was even more impressed. I was seeing a completely different woman in front of me than I had seen years ago.

"The amount of growth that she's done is very impressive. There's a reason why she is our champion at this moment. I was very impressed with her, but also, at the same time, I had to remind myself, 'I've been doing this for a while, and I knew her when she was that like new girl on the block.' So I had to give myself yet another pep talk, and be like, 'Okay, you're meant to be here. If you want to make it here, you got to roll with the big dogs.'"