Ruby Soho Reveals WWE Link Behind Patches On Her AEW Jacket

Ruby Soho was the guest on AEW Unrestricted this week, where she spoke about her WWE stable The Riott Squad. During the conversation, Ruby revealed she has patches on her jacket that pay tribute to both Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. Initially, this is something that began in WWE after Logan's release.


"When Sarah first got released, Liv and I both wanted to take her with us every time we entered the ring. Every single time, we always wanted to have her with us," she said. "Because, who we were as a team, wouldn't be anything without each other.

"We were sisters on-screen and off-screen," Soho stated. "Those are my best friends in the whole world. They are the reason I am who I am today. The performer I am today and the woman I am today, is because of those two girls. We are so different that we just complimented each other really well and just brought out the best I think, in each other. So we always wanted to carry her with us. So both of us had the patch on our jacket to represent Sarah. It was over our hearts."


That tradition has then continued into Soho's AEW character. Now she heads to the ring she wears a jacket filled with patches, two of which are for her former WWE stars.

"When I was coming in to debut for AEW, I realized I wanted to carry that on and bring them with me always. I always have them here. But I wanted to make sure I brought them both with me to the ring," Soho explained. "They were my strength and they still are my strength. I thought it was really important with having these patches that all have a lot of meaning to me. Those are the ones that mean the most because I take my girls with me, always."

As a former WWE Superstar, Ruby Soho spoke about the biggest difference now that she works in AEW. For her, it is all about the cardio.

"I think maybe in-ring, I would say. It's all an adjustment as they are two completely different places and it's two completely different environments. But, I think in-ring is where I have been tested the most. Because I have a lot longer matches than I am accustomed to," Soho admitted. "It's been a long time since I was pushed to the level that... I have just been pushed to in the last few months. I am looking forward to being pushed continuously. So, I think my cardio is one of the things that has been tested the most since I've been to AEW."


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