The Elite Host a parody Of "Squid Game" (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* The Elite are in a bad mood after losing to Dark Order on this past Wednesday's Dynamite. The group is stress eating pizza and think Halloween sucks. Matt says there's no Halloween episode this year! Omega tells them it's just one loss and everyone should get over it. There's a knock at the door. Cutler goes to answer it and a card with some symbols (and a phone number) is thrown under the door, much like in Netflix's Squid Game. Interesting to note The Elite originally wanted to do a Squid Game entrance for their match, but TNT nixed that idea. They tell him to toss it, but Cutler keeps it and says he wants to get some air. He goes out on the room balcony and calls the number. He gets the details and says he'll be there.

* Cutler gets into a car with others already asleep. The spray hits and Cutler is knocked out.

* "The Elite Game" credits roll. Cutler, Private Party, Lulu Pencil, and Nagazawa are woken up by Squid Game workers. The leader welcomes them to the game and tells them they have a chance at winning a big sum of money. Private Party get hyped up about making lots of money. They all talk about why they are in debt (Private Party signed bad contracts, Cutler spent too much on sneakers, etc).

* A pizza gets delivered to the group. They open the box and there's not much in it. The group starts to bicker. Cutler says this is what they want and they have to work together. The leader says it's time for the first game. It's a partner game, but there's only five of them. Game is Rock, Paper, Scissors. Cutler says he doesn't have a partner, does he get a bye? The leader says he does...goodbye. A worker blasts Cutler in the back of the head. Private Party take his jacket. Private Party plan on a tie by both doing the same signal. Pencil and Nakazawa copy them and both teams end up making it through the first game.

* The second game is The Floor is Lava. Each has to enter from the balcony and make it to the entrance of the room. Quen goes third and kicks the pillow too far away from the couch. He says he'll catch Kassidy! Kassidy tries to make the leap, but falls to the floor. He gets eliminated.

* During the night, Nakazawa says he knows Quen killed his own tag partner. He tells Quen to stay away from him. Quen seems to be losing it a bit. He decides to eliminate Pencil and goes to smother her, but she is ready and stabs him. Quen is eliminated.

* The third game is Mortal Kombat. Pencil and Nakzawa battle each other. Nakzawa tries to get them to stop. She admits to being with his wife. She says if he wants to finish her off, that he should do it. Nakazawa says he can't do it. Pencil ends up deciding to quit so he can be with his family and she is eliminated. Nakazawa wins $5 million.

* After the game, we see the workers take their masks off and it's Cole, Matt, and Nick. The leader comes over and says the moment they revealed themselves, they cease to exist. The group laughs at Kenny and tell them to stop being uptight. He ends up blasting all three guys. "You guys made me do that! Why did I have to do that for a Halloween episode?!"

* In the airport, Nakazawa (now with very red hair) calls the number again. They answer and tell him to get on the plane as he's already been paid. He turns around and decides to go back for another round.