The Godfather Discusses Scrapped Plans For Him To Join WCW

The Godfather recently spoke with WWE's The Bump for their Thanksgiving episode. During the conversation, he admitted that he almost ended up joining WCW to be part of nWo. However, the company ended up no longer calling him as Virgil took his spot.

"I was working on a contract deal with them to come in," The Godfather confessed. "I thought that we had come to an arrangement and then all of a sudden, I'm calling them and they're not calling me back. I'm calling this one, I'm not going to mention any names, I'm calling this guy, he's not calling me back, he's not calling me back. All of a sudden I turn on the show and I see Virgil in my spot that they were talking about me doing. It was a good thing. Ron Simmons told me don't go there in the first place."

Even though he was never part of the nWo, The Godfather still managed to play a lot of different characters. Throughout his career, he had several unique gimmicks that all became memorable. He revealed that at one point, there was a plan to have all his gimmicks be in the Royal Rumble.

"It was talked about and then it was canceled at the last minute," The Godfather admitted. "I was going to come out, because of the hair thing, I was going to come out first as Godfather. Then cut my hair and come out as Kama, and then shave my head and come out as Papa Shango. But I forget what happened, but it was canceled at the last minute."

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