The Rock Sends Message To Jim Ross During Skin Cancer Battle

WWE legend The Rock has sent out an encouraging message to Jim Ross, who announced Thursday that he was taking time off from AEW TV to undergo 22 radiation treatments.

The Rock tweeted:

Stay strong, JR! U got this.

No steak eaters

As we've noted, scores of wrestlers and wrestling personalities have been sending out their well wishes to JR.

JR, who is credited for recruiting The Rock to WWE, recently recounted the story of him and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon watching the premiere of Scorpion King together. According to JR, they were immediately convinced that The Great One was destined for stardom in Hollywood.

"I sat next to Vince McMahon [at the theatre]," Ross recalled on the Grilling JR Podcast. "Not one word was uttered, we gained eye contact in the movie theatre at the premier and we kind of looked at each other like, 'I see something special here.' He jumped off the screen, man. It wasn't like doing a promo or making his pie jokes, which were entertaining as s–t. But he jumped off the screen.

"When he was on screen, he was the only person you were really looking at. We knew then that there was something extraordinary about this cat. To say that I knew he was going to be where he is now, producing television shows, hits around the world, etc., making 90 million last year? No. I'm not going to bulls**t you."

You can see The Rock's tweet below.