Tony Khan Talks Jon Moxley’s Book, Staying In Touch With Renee Paquette

AEW President Tony Khan recently made an appearance on The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz. Khan announced on Twitter recently that Jon Moxley would be entering an inpatient alcohol treatment program.

"It was a plan with him and Renee. He was gonna be in the main event of the show last week," Khan noted. "It's funny because, I have to say, the wrestling media is one of the harshest places for media. You got to trust me on this one, Dan. Jon is so important to our show, and people questioned the rating of the show when he was off the show this past week because we did this massive rating on our first Wednesday back, and I had loaded up the card. CM Punk was wrestling. Jon Moxley was wrestling.


"Even MJF wrestled, which is rare, and so we had this really, really stacked card. We did a big number, and the next week, Jon Moxley vs. Orange Cassidy's a huge match for us. When I got the call and Jon was checking in to inpatient alcohol treatment, I knew that was, first and foremost, what I cared about. I didn't care about the rating. We did a great number. It was still one of the top shows on cable. You do a 0.33, it's still one of the top shows on all of cable and satellite TV. But when I saw people talking about the rating, I was like, look at what we had on the show last week and then look at what was planned for this week.

"And we also had Eddie [Kingston], Eddie was sick that night, too. Thankfully he didn't have COVID, or it would have really screwed plans up, but going back to this whole situation, I wasn't thinking about ratings. When it came to being transparent about it, that was not my call. That was up to Jon and Renee, and I told them, 'I thought it might make sense to tell the fans. What do you think?' And Renee totally agreed, and I think it's always served AEW well being honest with the fans, and Jon has always had that great rapport with the fans."


Khan then talked about Moxley's new book. He teased what people can expect from the audio book version, and he gave his short review of the book.

"Jon's book that he had just written and it had just come out, he put so much time into this, and it is my favorite book because I really love Jon, and I love Jon as a friend and as a person But also, I'm a fan of Jon," Khan expressed. "When it comes to talking as a wrestler, he has it. He has that charisma, and he also has a unique way of speaking a stream of consciousness way of talking, but I never knew he could actually write it on paper like that and that it would translate, and it totally does. The audio book's gonna be the same thing because it'll be him stream of consciousness talking."

Khan also gave an update on how Moxley is doing. He noted that he checks in with his wife, Renee Paquette, on how they are doing all the time.

"I talked to Renee today," Khan stated. "We've been checking in, and she just had moved from Las Vegas to Cincinnati and she's doing really well. It's a great update that Jon is doing better every day. I've been asking her constantly, checking in, and I'm glad to hear that because I love him so much, and we miss them a lot.


Khan expressed his love for Mox's book more. He revealed who else in AEW also called Moxley's book their favorite wrestling book of all time.

"I love wrestling books, and it's my favorite wrestling book, so it's got to be up there," Khan said. "It's definitely on my Mount Rushmore of books, and Bryan Danielson, who's an authority on wrestling and has read so many wrestling books, also said the same thing, his favorite wrestling book."

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