What A Top WWE Star Was Reportedly Told About Not Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

WWE released 18 wrestlers last Thursday night and it was later reported that between 4 and 5, or perhaps more, were released due to the talents not having the COVID-19 vaccine. The New York Post reported that Nia Jax was released due to her vaccination status, but Jax later issued a statement and said her vaccination status was never brought up.

It was later reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that some of the wrestlers were released due to a refusal to get vaccinated, and not being big enough stars to get away with that. It was also said that main roster talents cannot tour foreign countries without being vaccinated, which creates potential issues for the company. The Observer also noted how talents who were reportedly cut due to their vaccination status were reportedly told they were being let go due to budget cuts, not the vaccine.

In an update, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter now reports that while no one was told that if they didn't get the COVID-19 vaccine their jobs would be on the line, there were people who were very much encouraged to get the vaccine. Multiple sources indicated that nobody told the wrestlers they had to get the vaccine, or warned them that their jobs would be in danger if they didn't.

One top WWE wrestler who was not vaccinated was reportedly told that if they didn't get vaccinated, they would be less valuable to the company due to not being able to go on overseas tours.

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