Will Ospreay On AEW’s Forbidden Door: “It’s Only Open For Like 50-year-old Blokes”

Will Ospreay recently spoke with Tokon Shop Global for a live signing and Q&A session. During the interview, the New Japan Pro Wrestling star spoke about AEW's Forbidden Door. He claimed that it is only open for those over the age of 50.

"I mean, I'm always open to it, but it doesn't interest me," Ospreay admitted. "Until it is actually an option and it's in front of me I have no interest in doing anything outside of what New Japan wants for me. I can't say it enough, I am a New Japan guy. Believe it or not, even though I am a sh*thead half of the time and I'm an a**h**e to deal with, I actually do generally care about the company and where it goes. I just think the company would be so much better with me and all of my friends at the forefront of New Japan Pro Wrestling's future.

"But in terms of that Forbidden Door, sure if it's open," he said. "But I just think it's only open for like 50-year-old blokes at this rate. Who's gone over there from our company? Suzuki, Kojima, beat both of them. Nagata. I haven't beaten up Nagata yet, but I happily would."

It was then pointed out to Ospreay that Tomohiro Ishii appeared on AEW this week. However, he responded to that by stating his debut will be 12 years away.

"How old is he? Oh, so it's only open for guys over the age of 40. At least you're moving the benchmark a little bit down. By the time I'm about 40, I'll be able to make my debut. Bare with me for 12 years."

If Will Ospreay was to ever walk through that Forbidden Door, he revealed which AEW star he would like to face. That man just so happens to be Kenny Omega, who Ospreay has had words with online previously.

"There isn't just one, let's be real," Ospreay stated. "I think everybody knows as well, that's the bit. There's obviously been some drama between myself and this individual. I think it's more about proving that I'm not just stepping in to fill any type of role. It's more or less me staking my claim that I am one of the best. Do you know what, I am the best wrestler in the world right now. No one operates like I do right now.

"With him on his recent loss that I found out. Rest up on all those injuries and maybe if I can get to 100% as well. I mean, I'm never 100%, I don't think any wrestler is. But I would love to face Kenny," he admitted. "I think it would almost be poetic if it can happen in New Japan. But once again, I'm a realist and I don't see it happening any time soon. Sorry lads, I just don't see it happening.

"That's one thing that I can say I have over Kenny. I mean, two things. He never won the Best Of The Super Juniors, performed in it a couple of times. I did it twice," Ospreay pointed out. "And he never won the Never Openweight Championship, which I did as a Junior Heavyweight and he couldn't even do as a heavyweight. So, that's something that I can say over it. Keny and me faced off years and years ago in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and I was a green boy. I didn't know that much. Now, I am just a different animal. So I would love to be able to test myself against him. But I just don't hold out much hope."

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