WWE Producer shane Helms Says Fans Shouldn't Invest In Behind-The-Scenes Rumor Mill

WWE Producer Shane Helm retweeted an article that looked at previous plans for recently released WWE Superstars, like Karrion Kross, Keith Lee, and others.

Helms felt that fans would find pro wrestling more enjoyable if they focused more on what was happening on-screen — as opposed to the backstage chatter.

"I promise all wrestling fans, if you stop investing in this 'behind-the-scenes' rumor-mill horses***, you'll enjoy Pro Wrestling soooo much more," Helms wrote. "Imagine giving this much attention to 'behind-the-scenes s***' with movies and other TV shows? Why?? Sooo stupid."

This got quite the conversation going on social media. One fan pointed out there are many industries that have websites and magazines that pay attention to what goes on backstage.

"Those almost unanimously promote their respective industries," Helms responded. "They don't tear them down for Ad Clicks. You not recognizing that you're being worked by websites doesn't make you right. Sorry bud. I love wrestling. People that tear it down aren't for me."

Another individual brought up The Talking Dead, a show that usually spotlights what went on behind the camera for The Walking Dead.

"I don't care about that show either, but that show puts over The Walking Dead, it doesn't s*** on it for Ad Clicks," Helms said. "Massive difference."

Helms clarified his main point to another fan that if people enjoy behind-the-scenes content, then that's great, but when that knowledge brings down their enjoyment of the product, then why read it?

"Enjoy it then!" Helms said to a fan who said they like the backstage stories. "Just don't let it take away from your enjoyment of whatever product/company you like. Simple."

Helms also addressed when he did an RF Shoot Interview in 2012. Obviously, with these interviews wrestlers are pulling back the curtain about their experiences in pro wrestling. He noted rumors and clickbait are not the same as someone who is in the business and tell their stories.

"Are those rumor-mills and clickbait about backstage events from people that even there? Two different things," Helms wrote.

Known as "The Hurricane" for most of his time in WWE, Helms won the Cruiserwieght, European, Hardcore, and World Tag Team Championships.