Xavier Woods spoke with Sportskeeda Wrestling this past weekend about what his next goal is in wrestling.

“I haven’t put this one into existence yet, but it’s something that I really want and I want it really bad. I want a WrestleMania match with Cesaro,” Woods revealed. “I want us to fight, not to the death, but tooth and nail, something nasty and gritty at a WrestleMania. I would poop my pants if that happened. Hopefully not, during the match at least. I mean, I don’t want to poop my pants at all, let me backtrack that.

“I would love that. That to me would be my next thing to get. I feel like it’s weird to say titles, I obviously want the titles all the time. If they were like, ‘hey, here’s a title match with Roman,’ of course, that is what I want. A match with Shinsuke, that is what I want,” he said. “But if I have to have a match with Shinsuke then I’ve got to bring back the white leather so then there’s a whole thing, so maybe we should shoot for Shinsuke. But having a match with Cesaro at WrestleMania with some meaning behind it. That would be my magic wand, ‘what would you do if you could?'”

Xavier Woods has enjoyed success as of late winning the King Of The Ring tournament. It’s something that he was so proud of that he admitted he would’ve been fine being fired after it.

“In wrestling, everything with New Day, we’ve been able to accomplish so many things as a tag team, and that’s been my focus. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved tag team wrestling and I’ve loved King of the Ring. As far as wrestling goals, now I’m on bonus time,” Woods said. “If they’d have been like, ‘hey, you’ve won King of the Ring,’ and then I go to the back and they hit me with the, ‘you’re fired,’ I’d have been like, ‘alright, deuces, appreciate it. It’s been a fun ride.’ So being in this realm of my career, I feel really excited. Because now I’m digging more into that notebook of things that people told me would never happen.

“When I was in FCW back in the day I’d say, ‘hey, I think we should do this, this and this,’ they’d say, ‘no that’s ridiculous, it’s a wrestling show, why would you try to be funny? People don’t want to be entertained; they don’t want to laugh.’ What are you talking about dude? Then we made New Day and everybody shut up. Not everybody,” he admitted. “I have lots of beef in my chest from my past, it drives me. So I’m digging more into that notebook of ridiculous things and seeing how I can work them into the show and make them feel fun and exciting.”

Xavier Woods then spoke in further detail about the ideas that he is creating. He admitted that he is at his best when working in a creative manner.

“I feel like if we just regurgitate the same thing over and over again, we’re not artists anymore, we are rehashing things. That’s totally fine, I am not knocking that vibe,” he said. “For me, my brain feels at homeostasis I guess, I feel even and not off-kilter when I am creating something. So with all of this stuff with the solo run, I am having right now, I am going to do my best to create things every week. They might not work at all, they might be the worst thing you’ve ever seen in your life. But I am making an attempt to be something better.”

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