Brian Myers appeared on  The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he spoke about his love of ECW as well as his new ECW inspired podcast, Extreme Conversations. He talked about the first ECW show he attended and the memories he has taken from that.

“The first show I went to was a TNN taping in White Plains, it was December 23, 1999. It’s when Mike Awesome wins the title back from Tanaka. I begged my older brother to take me, he had just gotten his license,” Myers said. “I was still pretty young, I think I was a freshman in high school and he took me, I have such vivid memories of it because it made such a big impact on me. I’ve worked that building so many times for WWE. It’s a very small blip on the WWE radar when you’re doing live events and stuff. But to me, I’m like, ‘oh my god, this is the spot. Holy sh*t, so excited.’”

Brian Myers also talked about the importance of music within ECW, admitting there was something about it that really connected with him.

“There’s one episode that’s all about the music. To me, that was a very impactful part of ECW. If you’re a kid driving around in the car with you’re mom, or whatever, you’re not going to hear ‘Sexy Boy’ by Shawn Michaels on the radio. But you’ll hear ‘Man In A Box,’ Tommy Dreamer’s theme music by Alice In Chains. There was something about that that was so different to me as a wrestling fan that really connected with me.”

Hausman joked with Brian Myers that he couldn’t hear “Enter Sandman” now without thinking of ECW legend The Sandman smashing beers on his head. He revealed that the ECW original is now sober and doesn’t consume any beer during his appearances.

“I don’t know if this is public knowledge but he’s sober right now,” Myers revealed. “So if you watch him on an indie show or whatever, he’s just kind of making a mess of beers but he’s not consuming.”

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