Bryan Danielson Believes WWE “Overreacted” To AEW Launching

Bryan Danielson has been known to many as a workhorse in the wrestling industry. Danielson spent years in Ring Of Honor, WWE, and now, he has signed to AEW. Danielson explained there was not much of a plan for him to wrestle weekly for AEW in his interview with TV Insider.


"There wasn't necessarily a plan to wrestle each week. I'm a firm believer that too much time between matches makes matches hurt more. For me, the optimal number of matches is eight to 10 a month. That's what I realized in WWE.

"In my last contract with WWE, I got a lighter schedule to be at home more. It was really limited to 10 shows a month. I don't want to wrestle 227 matches a year, but I find wrestling every week makes my body feel better. I'm prepped better for longer and bigger matches. I look forward to wrestling every week."

Bryan Danielson explained his ideal perfect schedule along with the fact that he loves wrestling weekly. Danielson discussed the professional wrestling landscape and how he believes that WWE overreacted to other wrestling organizations becoming popular outside of themselves.


"I don't ever focus on if something didn't happen that already happened. But I think this is a natural reaction to what has gone on. What we do know is people who were paid regular contracts will not have them anymore. For WWE, I think there was an overreaction when AEW started.

"Even when Ring of Honor got real hot with Cody and the Young Bucks, WWE felt they needed to sign up all the talent. They realized, 'our business is fine.' AEW is catching up. They've done incredible for a company that has been around for less than three years. WWE is still making a billion dollars, so they don't need to hoard all these talents.