Buff Bagwell Claims WWE Called Him For NWO Hall Of Fame Induction

Buff Bagwell was a key member of the most-featured faction in WCW during the late 90s known as NWO. During a podcast with Who The Fook Are These Guys, Bagwell explained why Eric Bishoff was not a fan of Buff's at first, and what he did to change Bishoff's opinion.

"Kevin Nash came to me and goes, 'do you want to be in the NWO?' And I go 'are you f-cking kidding me'? I go 'hell yeah I do,'" Bagwell said in a very excited tone. "Believe it or not, Eric was not a big fan of mine. He became a fan of mine and we became great friends, but at first, he was not a big fan of mine. I was more of a pretty boy, a prima donna. But then, what happens to pretty boys and prima donnas in wrestling, you gotta knock somebody out," Bagwell continued. "I knocked a guy out at a club one night. One punch, then the Nasty Boys counted him out."

Buff Bagwell discussed who came up with the material that the NWO used to get over.

"Everything you saw me do cool, or anybody else do cool in the NWO, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall or Hulk Hogan came up with it. Pretty much Scott Hall or Kevin. And that goes for this, to '4 Life', 'who did you come to see tonight WCW, or the N-W-O?'" Bagwell said, imitating the NWO. "They really the brains behind the whole thing, they were."

WWE attempted to recreate the NWO in 2002 after they bought out WCW in 2001. Buff Bagwell explained what went wrong and why he turned down an offer to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

"It just, pretty obvious, pretty quick it wasn't going to work. There needed to be a Buff, there needed to be a Nash, a Hall, a Hogan," Bagwell explained. "They actually called me to do the, you know, to do the Hall of Fame thing. I was like, I'll be honest, I said 'I don't want to be part of a group in the Hall of Fame, I don't want to be like Brett Farve getting a ring because of the Green Bay Packers."

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