Cary Silkin Names His Favorite Ring Announcer In Pro Wrestling

Cary Silkin recently spoke with Talk Is Jericho and he talked about The Young Bucks and how they were brought into Ring Of Honor originally. He revealed that it was Adam Pearce who originally signed the classic tag team.


"Two of my best children and my favorite guys were The Bucks. Adam Pearce brought The Bucks in," he said. "I remembered him telling me and I go, 'where do they live?' He goes, 'California, they're only 75 bucks a night.' But I go, 'it's California,' and he goes, 'I got them on Spirit Airlines, it's only eight stops.' The Bucks came in and I got to know them really well, I am so happy for their success."

Cary Silkin then spoke about the announcer and referee that Ring Of Honor used. The ROH Ambassador claimed that they were both the best in the business, in his opinion.

"To this day, and this goes to the very last show we have, no disrespect to Justin Roberts, the best ring announcer in wrestling, in my opinion, Bobby Cruise.  We had the best referee in wrestling, Todd Sinclair," he added. "They weren't with us since day one."


Cary Silkin also spoke about the partnership that Ring Of Honor had with Impact Wrestling. He revealed that TNA wasn't good to them at the time as the deal ended up being one-sided between them.

"They didn't deal with us very nicely," he admitted. "It was totally one-sided. I've met and spoken a lot to Jeff Jarrett later on, who knows when he was actually there and when he wasn't. I'm not mad at Scotty D'Amore or this one or that one, but we didn't get treated very nicely and we'll leave it at that."

Silkin also discussed Ring Of Honor working with legends. He mentioned Mick Foley specifically, who worked for less money to be with the company. Cary also talked about how AEW works with legends, which he appreciates.

"He (Mick Foley) enjoyed it so much that the next loop, for us this is a loop, Chicago, Detroit, and somewhere, I wanted to use him. Ricky Steamboat was coming also but I couldn't really afford him," Silkin said about Foley. "I called him up and he said look, 'I loved what I saw there. Don't tell anybody Cary, but I'll do it for X. But you can't tell anybody.' We had him and Ricky Steamboat for six or seven shows.  You've got to respect history and I'm glad that AEW does. I am glad to see you guys carrying on with that, it's very important."


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