Chris Jericho Returning To Fozzy Tour, Will Not Be Able To Sing

AEW wrestler Chris Jericho, is a member of the band known as 'Fozzy'. Fozzy had to cancel two of their tour dates, due to Chris Jericho needing to go to the hospital for a non-covid related issue. Jericho took to Youtube to explain that he would not be canceling the group's upcoming show in London.


"Hey guys it's Chris here and again we are so sorry to have to cancel the last two nights in Swansea and in Nottingham. Circumstances beyond my control forced that to happen and a lot of people what's going to happen tomorrow night in London. Well, the answer to that is, we're not canceling," Jericho stated. "No, instead of canceling, we're going to do something different. We're going to give you 'The Ultimate Fozzy Fan Fest' tomorrow night in London at the Easington Academy."

Jericho explained that the doctors he visited advised him not to sing at any near future concerts. Jericho told the fans what they would be getting instead.

"Now here's the deal, the doctors don't want me to sing due to medical reasons which we don't need to get into, but instead here's what we're going to do. We're going to kick off the show, 'The Ultimate Fozzy Fan Fest', with the world exclusive premiere of our brand new album 'Boombox', played for the first time ever in a live setting, with all of you listening and all five of us in Fozzy on the stage listening with you," Jericho exclaimed, very excitedly. "Very, very excited about that."


Chris Jericho spoke on other events that will happen during this time, and what the crowd will experience.

"Then we're going to go to a Q and A, you guys will provide the Q's, I'll look through them all, pick the best ones, and we will give the A's from on stage," Jericho stated. "I'm going to host that. Then, on top of those things, we're going to play two of our biggest hits live, Enemy and Judas, with a special guest vocalist. You know who that's going to be? You."

According to Jericho, everyone in attendance will be the vocalists for his songs.

"Everybody in the Easington Academy tomorrow night are going to be the lead vocalists on Enemy and Judas," Jericho said. "I'll be on stage, leading the charge with my conductor's wand."

You can check out the full video below: