Christian Cage On What “Solely” Was Responsible For Him Joining AEW

During a recent interview with ET Canada, current AEW star Christian Cage shared his candid thoughts about his run with the company so far. Cage notes how this opportunity has allowed him to finish up his career the way he always envisioned.


"It's a gift. It really is. To get my career back, to be able to take it back after losing it for seven years is pretty special. And you know, for me at this stage, I just wanted the right platform where I could finish my career the way that I wanted to," Christian said. "I wanted to do it on the biggest stages. The place that would give me the best opportunities — and along with that, being able to help out the generation coming up behind me. AEW is the perfect fit for me in that respect."

Christian Cage, a multi-time World Champion across various promotions, admits that it was Tony Khan specifically that hooked him on joining the roster. Now, the in-ring veteran says he's "the most excited" he's ever been in his storied career.


"Having one conversation with Tony [Khan] about it, I wasn't even halfway through the conversation with him and I was like, 'this is the place for me.' It was based solely on him," Cage explained. "Obviously, he had assembled a great roster of talent, but more than anything, I wanted to work for him. I wanted to be a part of AEW and help it grow.

"It's amazing that not even a full year, even from where I started to where right now, with Byan Danielson showing up and CM Punk showing up and just game-changing stuff. It's a destination where performers want to be in AEW, they want to be a part of this and they see what we're doing on a weekly basis. For me, this is the most fun, and this is the most excited I've been in my long career."