Corey Graves Thinks WWE Star Is “The Most Unsung Yet Valuable Player”

During the latest episode of WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, the Monday Night RAW Commentator spoke about the return of The Miz this past week where he confronted an also returning Edge. Graves sang high praises for The Miz, stating he's one of the greatest of all time given his body of work.


"Miz is, in my opinion, for my money, maybe the most unsung yet valuable player in WWE," Graves said. "Because for years, until recently, Miz has never been injured. Miz can get a reaction, Miz can put on a good match with anybody. Miz is just the all-purpose utility guy that for some reason is never viewed in that same light with a Randy Orton, with an Edge, with a John Cena.

"In my opinion, if you look at Miz's body of work in WWE and beyond, absolutely Miz belongs in those conversations. I understand his character isn't such that he's grading and he's not a tough guy, badass type but that's what makes Miz so special. Miz can get under your skin and speak like very few in this business can and has done so for a long, long, long time. For me, Miz doesn't get enough credit."


During their segment on Monday, The Miz and Edge made several references to wrestlers outside of WWE. Edge subtly spoke about how The Miz was responsible for getting John Morrison fired, which led to a reaction from the former Tag Team Champion. The Rated-R Superstar also mentioned CM Punk/MJF's interaction on AEW where Punk called MJF "a less famous Miz."

Vic Joseph echoed Corey Graves' sentiment by stating that the Miz will be better remembered once he's done with WWE. The NXT Commentator highlighted all the accomplishments Miz has had over his career and praised him for being able to create a buzz every time he steps in the ring.

"He will get that love and admiration that you're talking about," Joseph said. "I really believe that he will be seen like that when he's gone. That's when he's going to be appreciated, when you don't have him and you're sitting there going, 'Damn, you remember how good The Miz was?' It's going to be six, seven, eight, nine years later when he comes back for a special event and you're seeing a highlight package.

"This is a guy who was WWE Champion this year. Six months ago? Intercontinental Championships, Tag Team Championships. Everything you've handed him, there's an old saying of turning chicken salad into chicken s**t, he does it. That's what's made him special and that's what made him show up after Dancing with the Stars and go right into a main event rivalry with an all-time great and not miss a beat. He's going to be loved when he's gone."


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