Danhausen Gives Update On His Recovery

Danhausen's recovery from a broken leg appears to be going smoothly. The Ring Of Honor star says he hopes to be back in the ring by early next year.

"[The doctor] did not give Danhausen an exact timetable but Danhausen is going in, actually a week from today in the morning," Danhausen said during an appearance on Tuesday's episode of Wrestling Observer Live. "And he should get an updated diagnosis [and find out] when he can put full weight on it, which will be quite nice because then we can begin to start doing [physical therapy] all those sorts of things to get back into the ring. So, hopefully not too long. Danhausen is hoping for February or so."

Danhausen was injured during an independent wrestling show on Halloween night. Doctors later found a broken tibia and fibula in his left leg.

"Clean break right down the middle," He explained. "So, it's also got the rod in place so the doctor says it's just gonna heal fine. Said it will be just fine. The rod holds the bones in place while they mend back together Wolverine-style."

The past month and a half have been the longest layoff of Danhausen's pro wrestling career. He said this is his first major injury.

"Danhausen has only had – I think he broke his nose once," He recalled. "But who would know? Everybody breaks their nose like every five minutes in wrestling. Yes, this is the only time Danhausen has had a major injury. So that's pretty good. It's been about nine years."

Danhausen is among the wrestlers and staff in Ring Of Honor who are facing an uncertain future following Saturday's Final Battle pay-per-view. ROH will go on hiatus following the event and talent contracts will not be renewed. A number of ROH wrestlers have already been released. ROH plans to relaunch in April.

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