Drew McIntyre On How Much Longer He Plans To Keep Wrestling

WWE star Drew McIntyre sat down with Fansided to talk about his career thus far and his career to come. A near twenty year veteran, it could be argued by some that McIntyre is on the back end of his career. According to Drew McIntyre however, there are no plans for him to retire. In fact, he believes he has at least a good ten years of prime left in him.

"I ain't going anywhere," McIntyre said. "I'll be here as long as I possibly can. I'm 36 years old, everybody thinks I am in my mid-40's because I debuted when I was so young. I still have at least 10 years in me. Don't count me out yet."

Drew McIntyre also talked about growing up as a wrestling fan and knowing from the beginning that he was going to be a pro wrestler. He revealed that he had to, in his own words, harass his parents to get them to let him train, and only after he promised to continue his education.

"I was an interesting kid, a little different, there is nothing wrong with being different," McIntyre said. "At six years old I got my family together for the family meeting my mom, my dad, my brother. I am going to be in WWE one day.

"It was all the way to age 15 of harassing my mother let me go train to wrestle and she finally agreed. But the deal with my parents was you stick with it at school you get your education."