Eddie Kingston On Why He Had To Reshoot Promo About Cody Rhodes

Eddie Kingston has been a part of the AEW roster for over a year, debuting back in July of 2020. During a recent SwerveCity Podcast, Kingston spoke about why he wore the shirt he did and discussed what meaning it had.


"The reason why I wore that shirt (referencing his shirt with the movie Taxi Driver on it) and the reason why Taxi Driver, I was putting, like when I know I was doing it, I was putting up a post about Taxi Driver. Because in the movie, the guy who plays, you know, De Niro, he's tired of fake society. He's tired of dirty New York. He's tired of this, so I was like, 'Okay, I'm tired of wrestling, I'm tired of the people in wrestling, I'm tired of the fake people who are fighting Cody."

Kingston explained that the first promo he cut on Cody had to be redone due to a mistake on his part. "Funny story about this promo (referencing the promo he cut on Cody before their TNT Title match), this is the second one, that was the second one. That was the second take. First take, I called him Cody Rhodes."


At the time, AEW did not have the rights to the name 'Cody Rhodes', therefore, they had to reshoot the promo with Eddie Kingston leaving out the word 'Rhodes'. Kingston admitted that when calling out Cody, he did not think anything would come of it originally.

"I just grabbed a mic, you know me being me. And I just called out Zack Sabre Jr, because I was supposed to wrestle him in the UK before the pandemic started. I also wanted to beat him up. I like him, but I think he's a pr-ck. So I want to beat him up," Kingston said. "I called out Nick Aldis, because at the time, I was working for NWA and he was NWA World Champ at the time, and then I just called out Cody for sh-ts and giggles because he had that open challenge."

Eddie Kingston ended up facing Cody for the TNT Title because of that promo he cut calling Cody out. Kingston praised Cody for 'dancing' with him on that night.

"They can say whatever they want about Cody, but that man danced with me that night. Cody could've been one of these old school vets that sat there and said, 'Oh this kid likes to talk sh-t, I'm on national TV, you get nothing.' And I've seen guys do that to people. So he could've been like, 'Yo, we're gonna go two minutes and thirty seconds, half that's your promo, and then you're coming in and I'm rolling you up, one, two, three."


Eddie Kingston appears very grateful for Cody and AEW giving him the opportunity. Kingston revealed who he believes is the greatest wrestler of his generation, and who he would put on his Mount Rushmore for American Independent Circuit.

"I consider Bryan (Danielson) the greatest, our generation's greatest of all time." Kingston spoke on his Mount Rushmore. "If you wanna go Mount Rushmore, you know what I mean, it's going to be a little rough, but for me personally it's Bryan, for the American Independents. I would say, who put it on for all of us, it's Bryan, Low Ki, that's what he got cause he kicked me hard too, there was no holding back, I was like, you're getting it," Kingston said. "The Mount Rushmore is him (Bryan Danielson), Low Ki, Homicide, and Samoa Joe."

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