Eddie Kingston On What He Told Jon Moxley Before Treatment

AEW star Eddie Kingston chatted with NY News 12 Long Island earlier this week to promote AEW Dynamite from the new UBS Arena in Elmont, New York. The topic of Eddie Kingston's Player's Tribute article came up, leading to Kingston discussing some of his lower moments in life, including one where he truly believes he hit rock bottom.

"There's been a couple of rock bottom moments mentally," Kingston said. "But there was one that was mentally, physically, and emotionally rock bottom. I had just gotten out of a very bad, toxic, emotionally and physically draining relationship. And I went back and I tried to mask my feelings through drinking a lot. Like, a lot, and I got in trouble. I got into a little bit of a fight. At my age, I was like 'why am I fighting?' But I was in a holding cell and I looked at the holding cell and I saw some graffiti that I saw when I was eighteen. And I said 'I'm back here at thirty whatever, six it was.' And I was like 'no. Something has to change. Either I'm getting out of wrestling or something, but something has to change. I can't do this anymore.' So that was definitely the lowest of the low.

"I'd say it was about years ago maybe, close to five. It was just a bad state. Honestly, to tell you, I don't know how I got myself out of it. I just know I had my parents there for me. There was never any judgment from them, they were just like 'yeah, well, that's life. Tough it out. We'll help you but it's still going to be tough.' The few friends that I have, because I have a very small circle, very small, the few friends I do have, the ones that stuck by me were like 'nah, we got you. Let's go.' I've been lucky and blessed for that. I've had people turn on me and I've had people who I thought were good people turn out not to be, but I've been blessed to have at least one friend, my man Homicide. One strong guy that's been there from the get-go and won't go anywhere. Trust me, I've tried to push him away and he just laughs."

Eddie Kingston also touched upon his good friend Jon Moxley, who is currently away from AEW as he receives treatment for alcoholism. Kingston made it clear Moxley has his full support, that he's proud of the steps Moxley is taking, and that he told Moxley the only thing that matters in his road to recovery are Moxley's wife, Renee Paquette, and his daughter, Nora.

"I told Moxley before he went and did what he had to do, I told him, 'man, none of this matters. The only thing that matters is your wife and your kid. I don't even matter. You have to do this for them, and I've got your back regardless. Whether you go or not, I'm here,'" Kingston said. "And he was like, 'okay man.' He's very one-word answered with everybody. For someone like Mox, you've got to be able to read between the lines. So when he says, 'man, okay, you're right,' it's not just that. It's the other things he's saying to you. But I'm proud of him, and he's showing everybody 'look man, we're all flawed.' Men can be flawed, we're allowed to be. But what we're not allowed to be is flawed and not changing, not trying to work for it. That's not right. So, I'm proud of him. He's taking the right, healthy steps, so he can be around for his daughter."

You can watch the full interview below.