Edge Reacts To Bret Hart Naming Him As A Dream Opponent

During a recent Q&A session on Canada's Walk of Fame's Instagram Stories, Bret Hart named fellow WWE Hall of Famer Edge as one of the wrestlers he wished he could've shared the ring with.

"I really do wish I could have worked with so many guys," Hart said. "Kurt Angle stands out, CM Punk stands out; One match with Edge would have been a beautiful thing, same thing with Rey Mysterio. I watch Rey and so wished I could have worked with him at least once. Lex Luger would have been a great experience, too."

Hart then picked AEW star Bryan Danielson as the biggest dream opponent from modern wrestling.

"I can go on, and on, but if I had to name just one wrestler from today, it'd be Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson)," Hart added.

Edge posted his reaction via Twitter, calling Hart's kind words as "one of the best professional compliments" he could ever receive.

From sitting in the audience of The Dini Petty Show in 92 to this. One of the best professional compliments I could receive. Also that match? Man, it woulda been special.

Edge was referring to his appearance on The Dini Petty Show in 1992 where The Hitman was a guest. As noted, a rare video of a 19-year-old Edge asking Hart for advice surfaced on Twitter in October. In the aftermath of the video going viral, Edge revealed that Hart reached out to him after the show and apologized for not offering more advice. "I eventually went and trained at his house and he cracked the door to WWE for me to kick open," Edge revealed.

Edge is presently in a rivalry with The Miz on WWE's RAW brand. The two men will square off at the upcoming Day 1 pay-per-view event. You can see a video clip of Hart mentioning Edge as a dream opponent below.