Former WWE Superstar Reveals How Much Longer He Will Wrestle

Mistico, FKA Sin Cara, took part in an interview with TUDN Mexico where he discussed certain wrestlers and how they were able to impact him during his time on the WWE roster. Two names Mistico mentioned were John Cena and Triple H.

"John Cena is a very, very good person. Very good person. He was always advising me and always giving me good advice. Why? Because he was the face of WWE, he was a huge star and I've always loved being around talented and successful people."

Mistico went on to talk about Triple H and how he helped the luchador, "Triple H was the one who brought me to WWE, he's a person who has always been wonderful to me, I can't say anything bad about him. He gave me the opportunity to get to WWE, but also to meet the whole world. One day I was on one continent, the next day I was on another."

Mistico had very nice things to say about the two multiple-time world champions and how much they helped him. Mistico discussed other people's reactions to him backstage and how he was treated when he came straight to the main roster.

"A lot of people were mean to me, but it was more the ones from the training school and some people backstage," Mistico said. "I got straight to the main roster and the Superstars respected me a lot for that, they respected my hierarchy of being the number one box office attraction in Mexico, they respected my record. I wrestled in 8 sold-out shows in a single day.

"And among the 500 WWE Superstars, I was ranked number three of those who made the most money to WWE. I have learned to leave all the bad behind and take only the good. You have to leave the ego. I have learned from everything I did wrong to be a better person. I have a lot of injuries and surgeries, but I see myself wrestling for another five years. Wrestling is my life, but I also want to enjoy my family."