Recently Released WWE Talent Reacts To Vince McMahon Saying He Enjoys Firing People

WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon continues to trend on social media for comments he made during Monday's RAW segment with Austin Theory, and now a recently released Superstar has responded.

For those who missed it, Mr. McMahon was discussing Theory's backstage attack on Finn Balor, which came after Balor defeated Theory in singles action. McMahon has been in somewhat of a mentor storyline with Theory as of late, and threatened to fire him over the loss.


"I enjoy firing people," McMahon said. "I especially enjoy firing people just before the holidays, it gives me a warm feeling in my stomach like I just had a really good meal."

McMahon then changed his mind and said he will give Theory another chance in the form of a rematch against Balor. That match will take place next Monday night.

McMahon's comments have received significant criticism on social media due to how the company has released more than 80 wrestlers in 2021.

It should be noted that the WWE Chairman plays the Mr. McMahon character when on WWE TV. McMahon has had a similar shtick for many years, and a gimmick that is based on firing people and being a tough boss. Mr. McMahon's has also used the "You're fired!" catchphrase for years.


Former WWE NXT Superstar Taya Valkyrie (fka Franky Monet) took to Twitter this week and reacted to the McMahon line from RAW. Valkyrie was released from WWE on November 4, and her husband, John Morrison, was released on November 18.

Valkyrie previously spoke out against WWE when she and her husband were released, calling on fans to stop supporting a company that doesn't care about talent. She commented on McMahon's RAW segment and said the warm feeling is the fire lit inside of those released.

"[woman shrugging emoji] lol, that warm feeling is the fire he's lit in all of us," Valkyrie wrote.

One fan responded and told Valkyrie to calm down because it's just a storyline.

She responded, "It's my real life dude, calm down."

It does not appear WWE is going to respond to the backlash by editing the comments from Mr. McMahon as the segment is still live on the WWE website and YouTube.

You can see the RAW segment with McMahon and Theory below, along with the tweets from Valkyrie: