FTR, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, recently took part in an interview with The Wrestling Classic. Dax Hardwood discussed how a wrestler’s height has never mattered to him.

“I never thought about size, I think the only person who thought about size was Vince. I don’t think any of the fans, at least I don’t remember it. I don’t remember my dad looking and saying ‘Oh my gosh, he’s so short he couldn’t’ you know what I mean, it was how they portrayed themselves on television and how they worked.”

Harwood and Wheeler of FTR both shared their specific love for tag team wrestling in the interview separately. Cash Wheeler described why the Hardy Boyz, and other tag teams, had such an impact on his love for professional wrestling and his desire to enter the ring.

“When I first started really thinking ‘I want to be a wrestler’, it was around the time that you had like, the TLC stuff going on. You had all the beautiful tag team matches between the Dudleys and Edge and Christian and the Hardys and then you had Too Cool and you had the New Age Outlaws and all these different tag teams that were really cool. And for me, being from North Carolina, from nowhere in North Carolina, the Hardy Boyz were a big inspiration because that was the first time I was like, ‘You could be from the middle of nowhere in this state and still have a real opportunity.'”

Dax Harwood continued on opening up about his thoughts on the AEW Tag Team Championship match at Full Gear 2020, which was The Young Bucks versus FTR. He also explained why he thinks the match happened in the first place.

“The match was great, obviously, you know because we were, we were in it. The match was great, I wish it was in front of ten thousand people, it’s one of my favorite matches we have ever had because we had a plan, we had an idea. I had the finish, we both had the finish in mind for years. I knew it would work if the story was told right. So yeah, the match was great, I wish we could run it back in front of a packed house, but circumstances are standing in the way. I will just leave it alone because Dan (Cash) tries to make sure that I’m nice, or nicer, I’ve been getting nicer, but I’ll just wrap it up and say that, so I won’t get in trouble, I’ll just say we were the 1998 Ultimate Warrior to their Hollywood Hulk Hogan.”

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