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** Before tonight’s show, Ace Austin defeated Hernandez on Before The Impact. **

Just as the show opens, Impact displays an “In Memory of Jimmy Rave” graphic. From all of us here at Wrestling Inc., we send our condolences to his family, friends and fans at this time.

D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with singles action between two former X-Division Champions!

Rohit Raju (w/Raj Singh) vs. Josh Alexander

The majority of the Impact crowd stand behind Josh Alexander as a thunderous “Walking Weapon” rings out. Alexander blocks Rohit Raju’s first couple of strikes, but not a kick to the ribs. Raj Singh moves Raju off the apron before Alexander can do any more damage. Back in the ring, Raju dictates the pace with a flurry of offense and a nice drop for two. Raju was close to getting locked up with an ankle lock but evades immediately.

Raju catches Alexander with a spinning neckbreaker from off the ropes and goes for a second pin attempt. The Walking Weapon leaps out by the 2.5 count. Alexander flings Raju across the ring with a textbook German Suplex. Once he unloads a few more suplexes, Alexander tries to set up the C4 Spike. Raju blocks it, leaving Alexander to go for a massive boot to the face.

While Raju is down on the mat, Alexander applies an ankle lock. Raj Singh climbs the apron and distracts Alexander. Raju picks up steam with running boot and cannonball. Raju tries to end this thing fair and square with a double stomp right on top of Alexander’s ribs, but the former World Champion says not today! Alexander decks Raju in the jaw, sending him to the corner. Alexander does damage on Raju’s knee, setting up for the C4 Spike. It’s nighty-night for Raju and pinfall victory for Alexander!

Winner: Josh Alexander

– Following the first contest, D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker remind fans of Impact’s last exclusive event of the year, IPWF Throwback Throwdown II, which will be live this Saturday on Impact Plus and Fite TV. They also run down all the exciting matches still set for tonight’s show.

Backstage: The Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers, don’t trust Violent By Design. However, both teams agree to put Doc Gallows and Joe Doering together in tag action will display how big of a deal they really are. Gallows and Doering will take on Rich Swann and Willie Mack after the commercial break.

Backstage: Gia Miller interviews Chelsea Green. Last week, it was announced that Green will take part in the first-ever Knockouts Ultimate X match at Hard To Kill next month. Green promises this match has her name all over it. She hopes she’ll get to face Mickie James for the Knockouts Championship, and her fiance, Matt Cardona, will grasp the Impact World Championship. As she says this, the Impact World Champion, Moose, waltzes in. Moose can’t help but poke fun of Matt Cardona.

Impact World Tag Champion Doc Gallows (w/Karl Anderson) & Joe Doering (w/VBD) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack (w/Heath & Rhino)

Doc Gallows and the former World Champion, Rich Swann, kick things off. Swann takes Gallows down by his legs and makes a quick tag to Willie Mack. Mack grinds Gallows down. Both men make rapid-fire tags to each other. Gallows knocks the taste right out of Swann’s mouth, but Swann pulls the ropes down, sending Gallows to the outside. Swann and Mack take the big men off their game with stereo dives just before the commercial break.

Doc Gallows and the former World Champion, Rich Swann, kick things off. Swann takes Gallows down by his legs and makes a quick tag to Willie Mack. Mack grinds Gallows down. Both men make rapid-fire tags to each other. Gallows knocks the taste right out of Swann’s mouth, but Swann pulls the ropes down, sending Gallows to the outside. Swann and Mack take the big men off their game with stereo dives just before the commercial break.

Welcome back! Swann and Gallows are still going at it. Gallows thumps Swann on the top of the head with a ginormous roundhouse kick. Swann is in VBD’s lion’s den. Joe Doering tags himself in and applies a camel clutch. Swann immediately grabs the bottom rope. Doering tags in Gallows. Gallows crushes Swann with an elbow in the corner, cutting the ring off from him. Here comes Doering again, who lays into Swann. Swann escapes by skin of his teeth with an enziguri to grab a desperate tag from Willie Mack.

Mack rocks Gallows with a jumping enziguri! Swann and Mack send Doering crashing before setting their sights Gallows with an assisted high-flying crossbody. Doering and Gallows send Mack crashing onto the canvas with a double chokeslam. Gallows and Doering reign victorious in this contest.

Winners: Doc Gallows & Joe Doering

Post-Match: The Good Brothers and Violent By Design continue to inflict damage on Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath and Rhino. Out comes Eddie Edwards and Kenny (the kendo stick) to equalize against the Good Brothers and VBD. Edwards helps send the heels out of the ring and towards the ramp.

– VSK and Zicky Dice are ready to get back on their horse and fight again after taking a loss to FinJuice last week. Their next challenger will be Decay.

– Newcomer JONAH explains where his “Top Dog” nickname and mantra came from. He said it comes from his dad, who served time in prison. JONAH wants to carry on his father’s legacy. In order to do that, he needs to beat Josh Alexander at Hard To Kill.

Up next, Trey Miguel defends his X-Division Championship!

X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs. John Skyler

Both men trade wrist lock/arm drag counters in the early going of this bout. Miguel catches John Skyler with a dropkick and dive to the outside! Skyler quickly recovers to plant a rib-shattering slingshot spear. Skyler heads for a cover. Miguel kicks out at two. Skyler launces Miguel in the corner with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. But it still isn’t enough to get the job done or the title. Miguel fires up a 619, followed by a diving Meteora to retain his hard-earned championship!

Winner & Still Champion: Trey Miguel

Post-Match: Just as Trey Miguel heads on up the ramp and looks out into the crowd, Steve Maclin blindly ambushes Miguel and uses his title as a cheap shot to take him out. Maclin drags Miguel to the back.

– Steve Maclin and Trey Miguel’s segment continues after the break. Maclin has Miguel tied up. He tells Miguel he’s used to being told no all the time. But being told no won’t stop him from getting what he wants anymore.

We head back to the ring for some high-flying action!

Chris Bey (w/Hikuleo) vs. Laredo Kid

Both men lock up. Laredo Kid backs Chris Bey up against the corner. Bey yells out to the referee that Kid grabbed his hair, hoping that’ll conclude the match early. Oh, no, it won’t. Bey eats an open palm strike and springboard crossbody. Kid takes Bey for a ride with tilt-a-whirl head scissors, sending Bey out of the ring. Bey drives Kid back-first against the hard part of the ring and throws him back into the ring for a cover. Kid leaps out of the pinfall attempt at two.

While the ref’s back is turned, Hikuleo roughs Kid up a bit. Bey looks for another pin, and Kid kicks out. Bey floats off the top rope with a breathtaking clothesline for another near-fall. Bey continues to stay on top of Kid for a good portion of the match. A double stomp on Kid turns into a side headlock. Kid escapes the hold and connects a boot, followed by a middle rope dive. Hikuleo oversteps his boundaries again by yanking Kid off the ropes before the quick break.

We are back! Kid lands a flying forearm that sets up two back-to-back moonsaults. Will that be enough for Kid to get the victory over Bey? Not quite. Bey blocks a suplex and rolls through with another near-fall on Kid. Bey drives his shoulders into Kid in the corner. Kid stacks Bey up and sends him crashing with an avalanche driver! Kid misses a corkscrew plancha. Bey capitalizes with a creative double stomp onto Kid. Bey with a cover. No! Kid refuses to quit now.

Kid evades The Art of Finesse and turns it into a DDT. Kid takes care of Hikuleo on the outside, who, again, tried to interfere in this match. With Kid so focused on Hikuelo, he left himself open for a cutter. 1-2-3, Bey obtains the victory.

Winner: Chris Bey 

– We take a look at Deonna Purrazzo’s appearance at Ring of Honor’s Final Battle last weekend. Purrazzo will face the ROH Women’s Champion, Rok-C, post-Hard To Kill. In the meantime, Purrazzo and the Knockouts Champion, Mickie James, have some unfinished business to settle. After another brawl between the two of them during an autograph session, Gail Kim is ruling for their Knockouts Championship match to be a Texas Death Match!

– We see an ad, hyping Masha Slamovich’s return to Impact soon.

Knockouts Tag Team Champion Jessie McKay (w/Cassie Lee) vs. Tenille Dashwood (w/The Influence)

Great minds think alike, as both women look for a double kick on each other. Tenille Dashwood kicks things into full gear with a side headlock. McKay looks for a waistlock, followed by a tackle. McKay stands tall as we head into the break.

We make our way back from the commercial, and Dashwood is carrying this match against McKay. Dashwood plants a slingshot neck breaker and only gains a two-count. Dashwood gets a semi-Full Nelson locked in, but not all of the way. McKay breaks it up with a rolling forearm for a near-fall. McKay continues the onslaught with another cover. Kaleb breaks it up, causing chaos on the outside. Dashwood steals the victory with her Spotlight Kick.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood

– After the Knockouts match, Matt Striker runs through a newly updated Hard To Kill card. Up next, the Impact World Champion Moose, W. Morrissey and Matt Cardona will sign their contracts for their main event blockbuster at this said event.

Hard To Kill Contract Signing for the Impact World Championship:

It’s time to put pen to paper. What could possibly go wrong? Let’s find out!

Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore is in charge of this contract signing. One by one, D’Amore calls out all three opponents who will take part in this Triple Threat Main Event. W. Morrissey comes down alone, and Matt Cardona walks down to the ring with Chelsea Green on his arm. And then, here comes the Wrestling God and World Champion, Moose.

D’Amore turns his attention first on Cardona, who made his Impact debut at last year’s Hard To Kill. He’d like for Cardona to sign the contract first. Morrissey drags the contract away from him and puts it in front of him. Morrissey gives his two cents, saying he didn’t come to Impact to make friends. He came to Impact to win big titles. And at Hard To Kill, that’s what he’s going to do. He signs and proceeds to leave the ring.

Cardona is up next. Cardona confronts Moose for trying to kill his passion ahead of this contest. Cardona informs Moose no one in Impact has made as many comebacks as he has. The Death Match King signs.

Moose asks Cardona if he’s entirely sure he should sign the contract and break his dreams. Cardona isn’t too worried. Moose agrees to sign the contract and does so. The World Champion asks Green what she’s going to do when he proves after Hard To Kill that Matt will always be “Mid-Cardona?” He then proceeds to ask Green, will she stay with a midcarder, or decide to leave him? This infuriates Cardona, and he charges the champion. Moose sends Cardona right through a table and strolls out of the ring with no regrets.

Moose turns around and heads back into the ring, pummeling more shots on Cardona. Moose wraps a steel chair around Cardona’s neck. Green stops him from using another chair. Moose shoves her off. Cardona, with a chair in hand, is ready to pounce Moose. Moose ducks out of the way, and who does Cardona accidentally strike? His poor fiancée.

That’s how tonight’s Impact Wrestling concludes.

From all of us here at Wrestling Inc., we wish you and your families a safe and beautiful holiday break!! We’ll be back to cover Impact Wrestling, live on Thursday, January 6, as part of the Hard To Kill go-home show.

Until then, be sure to see if your favorite stars won their respective categories during the two-week annual Impact Year End Awards Show, starting next Thursday (Dec. 23) and the following Thursday (Dec. 30).

Happy Holidays, everyone!!


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