Jonah Thinks WWE NXT 2.0 Is “Just Another WWE Product”

Jonah recently spoke with Busted Open Radio, where he reflected on his WWE release. He was one of many talents that the company cut throughout 2021. Since that point, he has debuted with New Japan and Impact Wrestling, but he admits there are things he wanted to achieve in WWE.

"There's not much of a negative other than there were still moments that I wanted to have with WWE. Things like being on a WrestleMania or stuff like that," Jonah said. "They're the only negatives that I really see about the whole situation."

Since being let go by WWE, the NXT product has changed drastically with NXT 2.0. Jonah reflected on that, admitting he has been surprised by it. The former North American Champion also stated that the brand had been special to him.

"Very surprised," he admitted. "It sort of made more sense once I realized what they were doing as to possibly why I was released. But the black and gold brand itself of NXT was very special to me and those pillars that helped build it. Guys like Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole."

Jonah also spoke about what the original plans for NXT were. He admitted that the show was always supposed to be as it is now. However, the television deal with the USA Network forced things to change, but now it doesn't feel special.

"You know, a couple of years ago when NXT got that USA deal, Hunter sat us all down and said how we are this third brand. I think there was that comradery backstage that we wanted to make this show as special as possible. It was the wrestling show, we still got freedom and stuff like that on Wednesdays," he said. "Now it seems a little bit, and again, I'm not going to diss anyone that's on NXT 2.0, I still have friends there, but it is very much just another WWE product. It doesn't feel like something different for them."

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