Liv Morgan Reveals Her Favorite Match So Far In WWE

Liv Morgan took on Becky Lynch on the December 6, 2021, edition of Monday Night Raw for the Raw Women's Championship. During an interview with ProSieben MAXX, Morgan, despite coming out on the losing end after being pinned via roll-up, discussed why the match meant a great deal to her.


"It felt like a full-circle moment. I was completely aware, it made it feel so much more special for me, you know? Cause I remember watching that match, I remember seventeen years ago watching on my bed watching Trish versus Lita for the Raw Women's Championship. I was such a huge fan of Lita and she won, and I just, I will never forget that match," Morgan continued joyfully. "It was just like a pinch-me moment. It was incredible."

Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch's title match ended up main-eventing Raw that night. Morgan explained that she was not aware they would be main-eventing until the day of the match.

"I just was hoping it would be the main event, and then I found out a couple of hours into the day that we were going to the main event because originally, we weren't," Morgan explained. "We weren't going to be the main event and then new got switched. And so, it was just so special."


Liv Morgan discussed why her match at WWE's all-women's pay-per-view, Evolution, is her favorite match she has taken part in.

"Maybe Evolution. Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Natalya. It was our first-ever, all-female pay-per-view. Such a big show with such a special meaning, so much bigger than wrestling, so much bigger than me, so much bigger than WWE," Morgan said enthusiastically. "That show was for women and for little girls all around the world. I love that match and I'm so proud of that match."

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