Madusa Comments On Possibly Returning For A Run In WWE Or AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Madusa spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently to promote the upcoming documentary, The Flying Greek. During the conversation, she discussed the possibility of having one more run in wrestling, with Madusa questioning which owner has the balls to do it.

"Vince McMahon, Tony Khan, Billy Corgan, who's the dude at Impact? Whoever that is. Yeah, I'm not going to wrestle every day but you give me a schedule like Sting or Goldberg? Or Brock? I think I've deserved a schedule like that," Madusa admitted. "I'm only as good as myself, the promoter, the marketing, right? I'm only as good as what everybody puts in, but I have to deliver it. It's a team effort. So who has the balls to do that with a woman legend of my era? I'm talking about my era, we always go for the women of the Attitude Era forwards."

It was discussed how Trish Stratus and Lita are often used as returning female legends. While Madusa admitted she adores them, it is the Attitude Era overall that is used the most.

"Nothing against those two, because I absolutely adore them. Let's just get that straight, it's not them personally. It's just that's the way the mentality is. I would say Attitude Era, not just those two. But those two are used the most."

But when it comes to Madusa potentially wrestling, she admitted it would need to be with someone she can trust.

"I mean, respect to all of them. But my honest thought would be, I would definitely want to have an angle with somebody that could carry the match. You know what I'm saying? I need somebody that could carry the match, I need somebody that could lead, I need somebody that would take care of my body. With all of that comes trust and that's a heavy responsibility," Madusa admitted. "So, if I'm in the ring and I fall down and bump my head and I can't remember what the next move is, I want to make sure that this person is able to carry out the rest of the match, right? And vice-versa. There's several people out there I feel that could do that, that I would feel very comfortable out there doing that with."

The Flying Greek will premiere at the Fox Theater in Springfield, Missouri on December 10th. Tickets can be purchased for that, HERE.

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