Matt Taven Confirms He Has Time Left On His ROH Contract

Matt Taven was a recent guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he discussed Ring Of Honor ahead of tonight's Final Battle PPV. Taven spoke about his personal contract and admitted he has time left on the deal he has.


"I still have a little bit of time under my current contract. There definitely are restrictions in some sense," Taven said on what he can do. "But they're letting us get back out there and do independents and get our names back out there. This is how I came up, this is how I made my name in the first place."

Matt Taven also discussed whether he could see the hiatus announcement coming. He admitted that he knew the entire roster not working and being paid couldn't last forever.

"Yes and no," Taven said on if he saw the hiatus coming. "I've been in wrestling enough to know, to kind of look around and see the writing on the wall. Sinclair and Ring Of Honor had taken care of us during this pandemic. Five months' time we were doing nothing for them or for the TV product or anything really in general. We were trying to film as much as we could at home.


"But you just know when you look around. You're like, 'man, they're paying everyone their full salaries and getting nothing in return.' That can't last forever," he admitted. "When we came back it felt good that, okay we can get back on our feet and we can really kind of pick up where we left off. But I think the uncertainty where we kept going from having a crowd to not having a crowd, I think that kept me on my toes of thinking, 'anything could happen at any moment.'"

He went on to add that he was always thinking and looking around. He admitted that he would question where things stood in his head. Matt Taven also said that he is not getting his hopes too high or low in regards to ROH returning.

"I always kind of had my guard up, I would say, I didn't think that anything necessarily caught me off-guard," he claimed. "I was always just looking around wondering where things stand and we were told where things stand. With that being said, we were also told that there is going to be a future, we just don't know what it is. When there's an uncertain time like that, I just always put it in my mind like, 'okay, this is the end. Whatever happens after this is a bonus,' so you don't get your hopes too high up or too low. It's definitely a tough thing, but it is what it is. Such is the wrestling world."


Finally, Matt Taven discussed the impact that the pandemic had on the company. He stated they were preparing for weekly television, but things changed for them due to Covid-19.

"I mean, we were told that we were amping up for a weekly live TV. Then the pandemic hit and everything in the world started changing," he said."We were fortunate. I can remember during the pandemic, thinking a call like this could happen on any day just because of the uncertainty of everything. You're watching people outside of the wrestling world getting laid off left and right. You can't help but think, 'oh, could this happen to us?'"

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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