Seasoned wrestling veteran Mickie James has been featured in various companies including WWE and Impact Wrestling where she is the current Knockouts Champion. Having such a storied career has put Mickie in a lot of situations where she’s been encouraged to share her creative ideas.

However, in a recent interview with, Mickie expressed the disappointment involved with coming up with ideas and then seeing them used for another character on the show.

“There’s been a lot of times where I’ve pitched ideas and they’ve gone to somebody else. Or, I’ve pitched ideas and I thought they were really good, and they – that’s always the most disheartening thing,” Mickie admitted. “When you pitch an idea and you know and believe it’s really good and they kind of ho-hum it, or they’ll thumbs down it a bit, but then they used the exact same idea for someone else.”

Mickie James didn’t go into specifics about which shared storylines were hers because she wants to preserve the behind-the-scenes magic as best she can. But it’s understandable that using her original ideas without involving her in the process is frustrating.

“There’s a lot of stuff and I don’t sit here and like to give away all the stuff behind the scenes because there’s a bit of magic to it but at the end of the day, I’ve been in wrestling for a very long time. So, I’ve seen that and had it happen to me a fair about of times. I just hope that when those ideas, if they’re used on someone else, that that person can either deliver better than I was going to – which a lot of times they don’t, or sometimes they do – or that they tell it the right away. Or tell it in a way that means something to the people.”

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