MJF Talks Possibility Of Joining Edge And The Miz In WWE In 2024

On last week's RAW, WWE Hall of Famer Edge made a reference to CM Punk calling MJF "a less famous Miz" during their war of words on the Nov. 24 episode of AEW Dynamite.

"You've got people in other companies saying your name just to get a cheap reaction. You live rent-free in a lot of heads," Edge told Miz in a promo segment.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, MJF admitted he was "not mad" at Edge referencing him, before floating the possibility of joining WWE when his AEW contract expires in 2024.

"They're just trying to make their show the best they possibly can," MJF said. "I'm not mad, I completely understand it. And who knows, I might be working with those two guys in 2024.

"And that line by Punk about me being a 'less famous Miz,' that resonated because people used to actually think that. But I'm smart enough to know better. My match last month at Full Gear against Darby Allin proved otherwise. I am equally as outstanding in the ring as I am on the stick. That match with Darby proved I'm anything but one-dimensional."

Earlier in the interview, MJF was asked if there was a time limit assigned to the promo segment he had with CM Punk, which opened the show and lasted nearly 20 minutes.

"Here are the facts. We didn't have a script. We didn't have a time limit," MJF revealed. "Me and Punk were in that ring, just talking, on Thanksgiving Eve. That should have drawn, maximum, 700,000 viewers, and I'm being generous. That's the greatest night to go out with your friends. It's not a night to stay in. You're with friends or you're with family. But when we were in the ring, over a million people were watching."

Although MJF believes Punk needs him to stay relevant at this point in his career, he is the first to admit that pinning the former WWE Champion would be his crowning achievement.

"The truth is scary. There's no Batman without Joker. Punk needs me more than I need him. It doesn't get bigger than that (beating Punk). I'm well aware of it. Pinning his shoulders to the mat would be the biggest highlight of my career."

There is still no word on when the MJF vs. CM Punk match will take place. It appears Punk will be wrestling Wardlow in the meantime, possibly at the upcoming Dynamite: Winter Is Coming special episode.