Natalya Reveals WWE Star Is Part Of A Group That Trains At Her Dungeon

Natalya was a guest on the Tuesday Wrestling Tuesday with Jonathan Hood where she talked about having a ring in her home. Natalya revealed that Liv Morgan has been working hard. Morgan put some of the things she learned into her recent match with Becky Lynch.


"A lot of really talented men and women come and train with us, Liv Morgan being one of them. I was so proud to see Liv put her skills to the test," Natalya said. "A lot of the things that she's been working on in the dungeon, she did in her match last Monday with Becky Lynch as they main evented Raw, which was really cool."

Natalya then went on to discuss new wrestlers getting an opportunity in WWE. While she doesn't blame anyone for taking their opportunities, Natalya noted it is good to see others such as Morgan thrive.

"To me, there's a lot of people that have deserved a chance for a long time. Liv Morgan has been in WWE for over six years," Natalya highlighted. "She isn't somebody that is brand-spanking new onto the scene, she isn't just debuting. She is a woman that has been there for a long time and has been fighting for an opportunity. Fighting for a chance.


"As much as I can appreciate some of the women that get more opportunities, like the Four Horsewomen, or, you know, when Ronda Rousey was here. Obviously, she got a lot of opportunities and I think that's great, all the power to them. If you get an opportunity, you'd be an idiot to turn it down," she said. "But it's really nice when you see other women get an opportunity. Other women to get a chance to rise to the occasion to do something amazing."

Natalya then spoke in more detail about Liv Morgan and the effort she is putting in. Natalya noted that she has been training for over a year with her.

"I am proud of Liv because she has been training with us in the dungeon," Natalya said. "She's been training with us for over a year. I said to Liv, 'it's so cool to see.' Because training isn't once every six months. Training is being consistent every single week, on days that you're tired. You know, we know what it's like to be exhausted. Getting off a plane, and having no energy left because you had three hours of sleep. You've just caught a red-eye, you're finishing SmackDown, you've done a PPV, you've just done a loop of lie events.

"She will get off the plane and come and train with me and my husband and a few of the other Superstars that come in and train with us. It's a very special, elite group that come in and hone their craft," Natalya said. "So that when you get an opportunity like she did on Monday Night Raw, you can knock it out of the park."


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