Current WWE NXT UK World Champion Ilja Dragunov took to Twitter and posted a picture from his wedding that occurred yesterday, December 17. As seen below, Ilja is caressing his bride’s face as the two lean in close to one another.

The brand Ilja represents as world champion, NXT UK, saw its fans finally return to television tapings this past October after a hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. The first episode back saw Dragunov successfully defend his NXT UK World Title against A-Kid, the winner of the first NXT UK Heritage Cup.

Dragunov and WALTER had a standout, hard-hitting match for the NXT UK Title at NXT’s TakeOver 36 event. This was the second time the men clashed one-on-one in the ring, but in this instance, Dragunov came out as the victor and won the top championship for his first time.

He told Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling that his first encounter with WALTER is what set him on a course to success because it enlightened him to how far he would need to push himself.

“The first match was a different version of Ilja Dragunov. So, it was a version of Ilja Dragunov that just relied on his intensity,” he explained. “But being this intense is like being blind running into a wall and that’s not the answer to be the best in the world like WALTER is, so I needed to be a more intelligent version of Ilja Dragunov.

“And I showed this progression on TakeOver; I had a game plan for WALTER. I knew what he was doing,” Ilja added. “I knew how to get control over him and to make him realize that I’m not gonna fall like the last time. I already put him to his limits the last time, but this time, I put him on his limits by being intense and smart”.

You can see the photo from their wedding below:

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