Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux had one of the most elaborate entrances ever seen in NXT. Bordeaux says they had a big role in creating it, but Triple H helped take their vision to another level.

“They let us at first do what we kind of wanted to do, and then Hunter was like, ‘OK. OK’,” Bordeaux said during a virtual meet and greet hosted by The Asylum Wrestling Store. “And then he added, he enhanced it and made it, like, perfect. So we kind of did something natural and he went, ‘OK. OK’, just to see how we would naturally move. And then Hunter was like, ‘How about this and this?’ and we were like, ‘Whoa!’ This is, like, so much better than what we came up with. So I would say it was a collaborative effort to put it together, but Hunter was such a big part of it, honestly.”

Scarlett Bordeaux sang Kross’ entrance theme herself. She says the timing of when they put together the entrance presented a unique set of challenges.

“I would say it was a full collaboration along with like the words, and the music, and with all of it,” Bordeaux recalled. “But I did sing that into my phone in my bathroom. That’s where I had to record it because of COVID. It was actually pretty insane. People forget that we debuted and we performed for months with no fans. We did that entrance over and over with nobody.”

Scarlett Bordeaux and Killer Kross were released by WWE on November 4. They appear to be in no hurry to sign a contract with another company.

“I think getting released was so overwhelming and already with the independents, we have so many signings lined up,” Bordeaux explained. “We’re going to Alaska in April. Kross just got a big movie role. I’ve got photoshoots for magazines and stuff like that. We’re enjoying not being tied down to anything right now.”

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