Scarlett Bordeaux Comments On Her Last Six Months In WWE

A lot has changed in WWE NXT since the last time Scarlett Bordeaux appeared on its weekly television show. WWE debuted the rebooted NXT 2.0 in September, introducing a new logo, a color scheme, and a new look in the arena. Many of the stars of the former incarnation of NXT are disappearing from the show in favor of newer faces.


"It's different," Bordeaux said during a virtual meet and greet hosted by The Asylum Wrestling Store. "And I always want to support my friends who are on there. Like, I love so many people in the company. Like, genuinely, would take a bullet for people in that company. So, it's different but I hope they do well with it."

WWE released Scarlett Bordeaux on November 4th. The news came months after the last time she had appeared on NXT.

"I wasn't stressed because NXT is awesome," Bordeaux explained. "It really was. But I was bored for the last six months. So obviously, I wasn't really doing very much. And I'm excited for the first time in a really long time, and I'm happy and I feel joy. Like, I felt content at WWE but now I feel joy and excitement."


Scarlett Bordeaux served as Karrion Kross' manager during his run in NXT. He won the NXT Championship on two separate occasions, and Bordeaux was in his corner for both title wins.

Bordeaux's disappeared from WWE television over the summer. She was left behind in WWE's developmental system when Kross was called up to the main roster. However, Kross struggled to find a place on RAW. In the end, WWE released him and Bordeaux on the same day.

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