Slick Says WWE HOFer Never Took His Calls About Joining WCW

Slick is a very manager from the 1980s, famous for managing the likes of One Man Gang, Butch Reed, Big Boss Man, and many others. During an interview with 80s Wrestling The Podcast, Slick spoke on how he reached out to WCW many times for a job, but never heard back from them.


"Only one, and that was WCW. I have some really negative feelings about them and I'll tell you why. I talked to Gene Okerlund a couple of years before he passed and he goes, 'You know Slick, we really wanted you. Nobody had your number and blah blah blah this and blah blah blah that. And really wanted you and I was a part of the booking team and your name came up several times' and I'm like okay, I would call Dusty, Dusty's office, not Dusty's personal line, but Dusty's office. Nobody ever gave me a returning call. And on top of that, y'all were using (One Man) Gang and you know Gang and I were just like brothers so he had my number, so I left it alone."

Slick never ended up working for WCW due to them not reaching out to him and returning his calls. Slick gave his opinion if he believes kayfabe is real in wrestling anymore.


"No I don't think it is today, I think anybody that believes in kayfabe today is fooling themselves. It's just been too exposed, entirely too exposed, and back in the 80s when I started, kayfabe was a big thing in the NWA territory. But Vince McMahon exposed it, you know what I mean? He came out and said it's entertainment, you know?"

Slick also discussed his relationship with Roddy Piper and the mutual respect between the two of them. Many of the top stars had that same respect for Slick backstage.

"Until Roddy Piper died, whenever he and I were at the same conventions, or wherever we were when I would come in the room, if Roddy was already in there, if he was sitting down, he would stand up and come to me and hug me. And I, you know, I was accepted by what we call the 'top hands', I was accepted by practically everybody, but especially by all the top guys and basically, it was because they all knew that Vince liked me a lot."

Roddy Piper and Slick always had that love for one another when they would see each other post-retirement. Slick talked about who he enjoyed working with most, in two different aspects.

"Butch Reed is like my brother, you know. Such a close personal relationship. But in terms of professionalism and working, it would be One Man Gang."