Toni Storm Details When She First Learned About WWE Main Roster Call-Up

During the latest episode of the Out of Character Podcast with Ryan Satin, Toni Storm joined the show to talk about being called up to the main roster. The former NXT UK Champion mentioned how unexpected her call-up was, and why she's focused on showing that she belongs on the main roster.


"I was just cruising along in NXT minding my own business and I got called in for a few dark matches and didn't think too much of it, didn't want to get too excited because every time, it never works out," Storm said. "Did a few dark matches, did my best, and then next thing I know, I'm on SmackDown and it's been a crazy ride ever since. My whole life has changed. I'm a different person, a whole different being.

"It's a whole new set of challenges, it's been a whole new learning curve. I have this undying respect for this industry, it's what I've been doing my whole life but now, I'm like, 'oh wow, I have so much respect for what people do up here,' and it really is top-notch quality. I'm just putting everything into bettering myself and showing I can hang here."


Toni Storm recently revealed that her dream match in WWE is to face Natalya, as that was someone she looked up to as a child watching wrestling. The SmackDown superstar also revealed when she ultimately found out about joining the Blue Brand and why she didn't tell anybody about it until she knew for sure that it was going to happen.

"I didn't know till the day of," Storm said. "Wrestling is so crazy like that, right? I just feel like everything that's happened so far, even before I was even here, was like, oh okay, this is happening. [It's] so exciting, an adrenaline rush all the time. I didn't really know what to do. I just fluffed around. I don't want to talk about it in case it doesn't happen. I didn't really say much. I didn't get my hopes up or anything, this is like the ultimate goal, my life dream, so hearing about it, I'll believe it when I see it. Then I turned up to work next week and it really was happening."

Unfortunately for Storm, she was unsuccessful in becoming Women's Champion on this past week's Christmas Eve addition of Friday Night SmackDown. Toni Storm continued to speak about her relationship with Vince McMahon since getting called up to the main roster.

"We've only had a few chats so far," Storm said. "We haven't had a chance to really get to know each other yet but I'm sure if I can keep doing a good job and slap the taste out of [Charlotte's] mouth, then maybe there'll be some more good chats."


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