AEW President, Tony Khan recently spoke with Busted Open Radio where he discussed Jim Ross. Right now the commentator is taking a break from work as he gets treatment for skin cancer. However, Khan stated he is still involved in the show as he claimed he is the greatest voice in wrestling.

“Jim doesn’t want to just sit back and get these treatments and step away from wrestling. He’s still very much involved even though he’s not going to be calling the show,” he revealed. “That’s another thing. For fans who are new to AEW, even though he won’t be in the booth tonight, one thing that has made people feel comfortable, made them feel at home watching wrestling is the voice of JR and the voice of Tony Schiavone out there.

“We are all going to miss Jim for the next several weeks very much,” Tony said. “But I agree with you guys so much. He adds so much to the matches he calls and the shows he calls. JR, I think is the greatest voice in wrestling.”

Tony Khan went on to talk about JR in more detail, wishing him the best right now. He also noted that big stars will take his place each week, with Hangman Page commentating on Bryan Danielson’s match last night as an example.

“All of us just want to wish JR the best,” he said. “When I talked to JR, he thought it would be great to have some of the big stars in AEW fill his chair while he’s out. I think for Hangman Page to call the Bryan Danielson match will be a fitting tribute.”

Tony Khan also noted how sometimes people are scared to watch a new promotion due to not knowing the stars. However, he noted how that isn’t the case for AEW.

“I think a lot of people are afraid to follow a wrestling promotion,” he said. “To jump into a new wrestling promotion because they’re concerned. They don’t want to get to know new wrestlers. They don’t want to learn new wrestlers. Well, if you’ve followed wrestling at all in the past few decades, pretty likely you’re not going to have to learn a lot of new wrestlers. I mean, you’ll want to learn about a lot of the new wrestlers and it’s not going to feel like a chore. And you’re going to enjoy the show.

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