Tony Khan On Not Wanting To “Handcuff” AEW Stars

AEW President, Tony Khan, spoke with Busted Open Radio today about promos. He made it clear that he doesn't handcuff his talent with scripts, allowing them to cut loose.

"I really try to let people cut loose on the promos and build a personal issue," Khan revealed. "You're not going to hear somebody reading a script on AEW, the wrestlers go out there. Really, when I was a kid, and so many of us who grew up on wrestling, you want to hear pro wrestlers shooting from the hip. You want to hear them showing off their personalities and what makes them so unique. The last thing I want to do is handcuff these great men and women. That is why I think people enjoy the interviews and the promos on AEW so much."

Tony Khan then spoke about the recent exchange between CM Punk and MJF. He stated that it was one of the most exciting segments the company has ever had.

"Talking about CM Punk and MJF, a lot of people have been talking about the interview segment they had last week. It was some of the most exciting television we've ever had," Khan admitted. "I'm very excited about the situation with Punk and MJF and all the buzz around them and AEW right now."

Tony Khan continued his discussion about promos by noting that they are crucial in building storylines. He noted several times that has happened recently within AEW.

"A lot of people have been talking about CM Punk and MJF and the promos. Just like we got a lot of buzz for CM Punk and Eddie Kingston and the verbal jousting they did in the lead-up to their big match at Full Gear. I think the promos are a huge part of wrestling of building stories. We have some people here who happen to be some of the best promos in pro wrestling right now. Having the situation with Punk and MJF I think is very exciting."

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