Xavier Woods has made mention of his love for MYGM mode in past UpUpDownDown videos on youtube. As part of his interview with Bleacher Report, Xavier Woods was asked about WWE’s upcoming video game, WWE 2k22.

“I hope that everything runs smooth and that it’s good,” Xavier Woods said. “My thing is, I obviously have no part in making the game, I’m on the wrestling side of things. But I definitely have a stake in it because I am in it and it’s a wrestling game for the company that I am an independent contractor for. I’m pumped because everyone on the 2K team seems very excited about things and things seem promising. I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best when it finally releases.”

Xavier Woods may have been referring to past WWE 2K games when he mentioned keeping his fingers crossed, such as WWE 2K20, which had a primarily bad reception with those who bought the game. Knowing that the return of MYGM is will be a part of the upcoming game, Woods seemed intrigued to see if the game can achieve what he desires. Woods spoke about his hopes WWE 2k22 can provide.

“I’m hoping this game brings back that equity with the gamer fans because I know it was hard to play some of them, to be honest,” Xavier Woods said. “They all have their good things and their great aspects, but as far as a fun video game is concerned, sometimes I’m just looking for that and I feel like the learning curve got a little intense. On this one, they said there’s remastered controls and all that stuff and I feel good about it. So, like I said, fingers crossed.”

WWE 2k22 is currently scheduled to be released in March of 2022. The exact date is unknown at this time.

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