Zelina Vega Has Another First-Ever She Wants To Accomplish In WWE

The Queen of WWE, Zelina Vega, sat down with Mike Jones of DC101 to talk about winning WWE's Queen's Crown Tournament in Saudi Arabia on October 21. The victory made Vega the first ever woman to be crowned Queen of WWE, and she's thankful that she gets to have that honor all to herself.


"I get to have something just for me," Vega said. "Carmella gets to have the first-ever Money In The Bank. The first-ever tag champions being, you know, Bayley and Sasha. There are different people for different things.  Asuka, the first Women's Royal Rumble winner. But now, for me, I get to be the first-ever Queen. It's just one other thing that you get to have in your back pocket and go 'this is amazing that I actually did this and I'm keeping it for life. Not just while I'm in WWE, but for the rest of my life.'

"When it goes into the history books, I'm the first Queen, I'm the official Queen. So when you look at this, I'm not only the first Queen, I'm also the first Queen that's also the Women's Tag Team Champion! So now I want to go forward and make history again. I want to be the first-ever Queen that's also RAW Women's Champion."


Zelina Vega defeated Doudrop to win the Queen's Crown tournaent at WWE Crown Jewel. In the end, knowing she was going to be a part of this tournament was all she needed to know.

"The second that I heard, ok, this is a history making first time ever. That was it for me," Vega said. "That was all I needed to hear. I didn't care how I was going to do it or what was going to happen or who I was going to face, like I knew that that had to be made. And when you're finally accomplishing something that you set out to do, one of those things for me was becoming a WWE Superstar. And then now to this, it's like, you feel like 'damn right, I did that. Damn right I did and I'm going to just bask in it because I'm allowed to and it's finally my time!'"

Since becoming Queen of WWE, Zelina Vega has incorporated a crown, a thrown and a scepter into her look. She's not done however, and revealed she plans on updating everything from crown to cape going forward.

"I want to make this bigger, I want to make this better so I'm still working on all of my stuff," Vega said." I have everything, like, going for the sky right now. I have a new crown in the works, I have a new cape in the works, a scepter. But, you know, it takes forever to get all of the crystals that I like, so it's taking a little longer than expected."


Winning the Queen's Crown was part of a roller coaster year for Vega, one that saw her start off the year unemployed after WWE fired her in 2020, only for her to be brought back in the summer and end the year as one half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions with Carmella. Vega wouldn't have believed this only a few years ago, but after everything that's happened, she believes she's only just begun.

"You know, if you would have told me that when I was like 4 to 8 years old, I wouldn't have believed you," Vega admitted. "I'd be been blown away, you know, but it is pretty amazing! And it just makes you hungry for more. People can say that she's drunk on power, but I quite like the taste of that power!"

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