Since Triple H’s cardiac event, Shawn Michaels has been steering the ship for NXT 2.0 behind the scenes. The WWE Hall Of Famer currently is leading NXT through its transition, and WWE reportedly has been impressed by what they have seen.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE is very high on Shawn Michaels at the moment. While he was only brought in to be a coach, he has taken over the role as, ‘the guy,’ due to circumstances. Since that point, the company has been high on his work.

WWE has released a lot of people backstage lately, but it is not expected that Shawn Michaels will fall into that category. William Regal, Gabe Sapolsky, and Road Dogg were all recently let go, and they were seen as Triple H’s guys. Of course, HBK and The Game are good friends as well, but Shawn does not appear to be in any danger.

It is currently unknown when Triple H will be returning to work, or if he will take up the same role as before. However, right now, Michaels is the man in charge. NXT 2.0 will now likely be building to the upcoming Stand & Deliver event that has been confirmed for WrestleMania week this year.

Shawn Michaels recently spoke appeared on Raw Talk where he discussed the Royal Rumble. When it comes to Saturday’s iconic match, the Heartbreak Kid is pushing for some former NXT stars to get the victory.

“I’m kinda biased towards guys I’ve run into here in NXT,” Michaels said. “The likes of Damian Priest and Riddle, I’m definitely pulling for some of those guys! I’d love to see a new breakout star, doesn’t matter who it is. The Royal Rumble match always presents an opportunity for someone to step out. Anything can happen, and careers can be made.”

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